USAi Team Manager Reminders

USA of Indiana Team Manager Reminders

Field Lining: Please line fields as assigned.  When lines disappear, dozens of parents must re-measure wasting dozens of volunteer hours.

Red Flags: If your game is the last game for the day please remove the corner flags from the field and return them to the shed.

Reschedule:  If you need to reschedule a game, please make sure that the referees are notified.  If you fail to do so, your team will be responsible for paying the referees.  Please contact USA of Indiana Travel Ref Assignor who will make sure that the referees are notified.

Player cards:  Per ISA Registration rules, please ask USA of Indiana registrar to sign player cards ONLY when you have, for each player, a copy of the player’s birth certificate, the player card signed by the player, and a picture affixed to the player card.

Field Days Each team is to be represented at each field day.

Back ground checks Each Manager, Assistant Coach, and Coach must have a back ground check performed every two calendar year.

Parent Pledge form is now completed on line during tryout registration.  If ISL or Coach wishes, manager may collect “Parent Pledge and Code of Conduct” form from a parent as a reminder.

Parent representative: Team Manager is the parent representative to both the Coach and the Club. i.e. Take parent poll on which tournaments prior to Coach committing; attempt to minimize expense.  Team manager is the check and balance to (the Club’s relatively recent upgrade in quality and experience and expense of its) travel coaches.


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