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ISA Club Number 506
Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our children.
Fields that are covered by our Certificate of Insurance
Turf fields available to rent.

Team Manager News

Indy Burn Cup 2014. Volunteer Sign-up and Schedule

Volunteer Sign-up sheet for Indy Burn Cup April 4-6, 2014. Sign-up for task, date and time that best suits you.
Click here to register online

Indy Burn Cup Tournament Committee:
Tournament Director: Michael Morrison
Operations: Michael Morrison (GotSoccer registration, scheduling, fields, scoring)
Volunteer Coordinator: TBD
Parking Chair: TBD (Manages Parking volunteers)
Risk Management Chair: Terrie Maexner (Manages Risk Managers aka Field Marshals)
Concessions Chair: Larry Rosenberg
Hospitality / “Ecology” Chair : Mark Turpen (Manages Hospitality volunteers)
Awards Chair: TBA
Max Hudspeth
Referee Assignors: Ray Sahm, Dave Howard
Executive Director: Thomas Geisse

Indy Burn Cup Key Shift Leads are:
MJGSC Parking Lead
Awards assistant MJGSC
Volunteer Check-in MJGSC Lead
Scoring MJGSC Lead
Concessions MJSCG Lead
Referee Pay MJGSC Lead
Team Check-in MJGSC Lead
Risk Management MJGSC Lead
Avon Soccer Complex Lead

Current Season Information

USA of Indiana Travel and Rec Plus Field DaysSpring 2014
Each season USA of Indiana needs volunteer help in getting the fields ready for seasonal play and Indy Burn Cup.
Saturday, March 15, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex North, Northwestway Park and USA of Indiana Brownsburg Soccer Complex
Saturday, March 22, 9:00 a.m . – 3:00 p.m.
Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex South, USA of Indiana Avon Soccer Complex
Saturday, March 29, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Finalize setup for Indy Burn Cup – meet at Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex South
Click here to register online

Spring 2014 USA of Indiana Travel and Rec Plus Field Care Assignments
Each USA of Indiana Travel and Rec Plus team has been assigned a field for weekly lining and maintenance for the spring season. Please line your fields on Thursday or Friday each week. Click here – TBA

Spring 2014 USA of Indiana Travel and Rec Plus Training Field Assignments
Click here

Training fields must be listed on a USA of Indiana Certification of Insurance.
If the team intends to use a field not listed here, you must contact Thomas Geisse, Executive Director, a week prior with the name of the person who gave you permission to use the facility and the name and address of the facility.
The following fields are already covered:

USA of Indiana fields: Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Northwestway Park, USA of Indiana Avon Soccer Complex, USA of Indiana Brownsburg Soccer complex.

Indoor facilities: SportZone, West 10th Street, Indy Indoor Sports, Zionsville Indy Metro Sportsplex, Off the Wall, Zionsville Club’s indoor facility, Colts, Lucas Oil Stadium.

Government fields: Town of Avon &  Avon Parks, Indy Parks, Danville Parks, Danville Fitness Center, Hendricks 4H, Speedway Parks, Town of Avon

School fields: Avon school district, Brownsburg school district, Pike school district, Wayne Township school district, Wayne Township Lynhurst school, Westlake Elementary, North Wayne Elementary, Kingsway Christian, Decatur School District, Park Tudor.

High school fields: Bishop Chatard HS, Covenant Christian, Chapel Hill Ben Davis HS, Cardinal Ritter HS, Warren Central HS, University HS.

College fields: Butler University, Marian College

Church fields: Light & Life Methodist Church, St Monica, Tabernacle Church (turf)

Big Walnut Sports Park
Eagle Crossing HOA
YWCA (CICF) Guion Road
Avon Softball complex
Maloney Farms.

Turf field rental info


Soccer Field Maintenance 101
“How to paint wide lines”

Ref Fees & Contacts Calculate how much to collect from parents to pay refs for your home games.

Team Manager Library

One Call Now
Spend More Time on the Field and Less Time on the Phone
Inform your players, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers, and everyone else with one phone call from One Call Now. Give timely updates of last-minute venue changes and delays and/or cancellations. Automated reminder calls by One Call Now help improve attendance at practice so you can win more games.

Team Manager Manual

Team Managers Fees FAQ

Key Dates

Notes & Reminders

Team Based Fundraisers
Each team should plan to raise $1000 per season to help reduce the cost to players for League Fees, Ref Fees, Tournaments.  It is important that you deposit charitable donations with the Club.
Teams report $1000 success stories:
Mike’s Car Wash, team buys car wash tickets at a discount and sells at full price, keeping difference.  Ask Geisse for letter to Mike’s.
Pizza Make & Sell, team literally makes pizza’s at full kitchen and sells for profit.  Click here for more info:
Discount Card, sell $10 cards for discounts at area fast food and services.  Ask for more info.
Non Profit Group Programs: clean Speedway, Lucas Oil, Conseco, or man concessions at same and Klipsch Music Center.  Ask for more info.

USA of Indiana Play Fundraising Program: Lucas Oil Stadium Concession
Good news!  The USA of Indiana Team Fundraising program just added “Lucas Oil Stadium Concessions” as a great option for any team of 8 volunteers to raise about $400 or $500 or more in one shift to pay for team based fees (tournaments, league fees, and referee refs). Parents and players over 16 years old volunteer to sell concessions at Lucas Oil Stadium in exchange for a handsome percentage of sales!  It’s a wonderful opportunity for families to earn money to help keep soccer expenses reasonable.

USA of Indiana decided to work with Centerplate, the company that runs concessions at Lucas Oil Stadium and Convention Center.  There is a minimum number of USA of Indiana volunteers required to work each event.  Typically, USA of Indiana will need 9 to 12 volunteers per event/stand.  If demand is greater we can take on a second concession stand with an equal number of additional volunteers.  Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and must 21 years or older to sell alcohol.  For most events, Centerplate sells alcohol at every point of sale.  If you don’t wish to sell alcohol, USA of Indiana selected some events where alcohol is not sold, although these events are very limited.  (Percentage of sales is of course higher from alcohol sales.)

If you’re interested, please contact your team manager, let him/her know of your interest.  Many teams will pick one event and run a concession stand together. This is a great opportunity to raise money as a group and bond as a team.  If your team isn’t joining as a team, that’s OK.  You may volunteer for an event that works best for you.  All families interested please sign up at:

How does the money work for me?

The volunteers working each event share equally in 95% of the money raised.  The money is returned to each player in care of the team manager. The Club must retain 5% to help defray the cost of administering this program.  Centerplate will pay the Club and then the Club will send a check to the team in care of the team manager.  (We will make other arrangements for players in the Rec or Rec Plus programs.)

It’s expected the team manager will credit the participating player’s team fees first.  The player may elect to pay the player’s Club Tuition as well.  If you wish to pay Club Tuition, the Club will first deduct Club tuition before sending balance to Team Manager.

All must money be used to pay for Club or team based fees, i.e. tournaments, ref fees, league fees.  In no cases, may any money be given to any player.  Officially this is money earned by the non-profit Club and the Club using 100% of the money to administer the program and pay team based expenses.

How much will our group make?
The higher your group’s sales at the event; the more money your child earns.  The group will earn 10% of the sales for your stand at each event.  This money will be divided equally among each worker.  Get more info and register on the Volunteer Page.

Anna Lakin
USAi Fundraising Administrator

Fees, Policy, Rules

Typical Tuition and Parent FAQ (Typical USA of Indiana Travel Player Fees & Parent FAQ for parents)

Game Reschedule Procedure
Fall 2013 please contact Michael Morrison for field availability prior to contacting Ref Assignor


2013-2014 Uniforms
Click here for Soccer Village Club Ordering System Instructions

Blank Roster


Forms and Links

2011 Adidas Catalog

US Youth Insurance Information & Forms

Roster Change Forms
USA of Indiana Travel & Rec+

Team Fee Excel Spreadsheet
Use to calculate team fees and share with parents.

Age chart shows which age group by birth date

Independent Contractor Form & Stipend Designation
Completed by coach for each season for tax purposes. The  form also allows a coach to pay for a player or donate a portion of stipend.

Medical Release Form
US Youth Soccer form completed by each USA of Indiana Travel player.  May be used until information changes. USA of Indiana and ISA does NOT require this form to be notarized.

Referee Evaluation Form

Register Prospective USA of Indiana Player
Register for USA of Indiana tryouts or if being added to a team roster.

Parent Pledge & Code of Conduct Use when necessary as all parents complete on line during registration.

Team Tournament Report pdf to print hard copy
Team Tournament Report excel to save to and edit on your computer, then send at season’s end.

Team Game Report pdf to print hard copy
Team Game Report excel to save to and edit on your computer, then send at season’s end.

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