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Referee: How to Register with GotSoccer

All Indiana travel and rec plus leagues use GotSoccer to assign referees.

You will be assigned YOUTH LEAGUE (MRL, ISL, ICL, IPL, WCSSF (rec plus) games via GotSoccer.

INSTRUCTIONS so you can make yourself available for games.
The website you will need to know is

You may have already received an email from with a previously assigned user id and password.   If you’re registered and you don’t have your password, no worries.  You can contact Steve Brink at or 317-339-8271 and he can help you retrieve the previously assigned user id / password.

OR you can create a new one on your own, from scratch, by hitting the “Register Here” link on the sign in page.

Login to

The tabs you will need are located in the blue and gray bars at the top of this page.
Click on the “Home” (blue) tab and then the “Contact Information” (gray)
You will see a page titled “Referee Information”.  Please adjust this as necessary to insure it reflects the most current information possible.  (a photo is not necessary)  If you are a minor (under 18 yrs old), please include a parental email address so they are included in all referee communications.
Click on “Account Access” (gray) if you want to adjust the password to something easier to remember.

In the “GotSoccer” application, you need to block dates/times you DO NOT want to be considered for game assignments. Click on “Calendar” (gray) to manage your availability.  You will see a page titled “Referee/Official Main Menu”.  If you DO NOT want to be considered for ANY game assignments, change the Referee Status to “Unavailable”.
You can also manage your availability to exclude a whole day and/or just part of a day.  In the calendar, click the “X” icon to block the whole day or click on the pencil icon to block out specific hours of the day.

After you have completed your calendar click on “My Schedule” (blue) and “Availability” (gray), so you can set your age group preferences.  Find the “Age Group Preferences” box and click on the age groups that you feel comfortable centering.
Be sure to continuously manage your calendar for the entire season (March through June).

The next thing you need to do is make yourself available to the Youth Events.  Click on the “Upcoming Events” (blue) and then “Search Events” (gray) tab.  Select “IN” within the State box and “League” and/or “Training” in the Event Type box and then click the “GO” button.  Select the events that interest you like (i.e. Indy Burn Cup, Pike Fest, Fusion Fall Classic, USA of Indiana Games, Rec Plus games, in-house friendlies), ISL, MRL, ICL, IPL.

IMPORTANT:  then click on the assignor you want to work for.  (You’ll be shown a page with the assignors associated fields. Just press the “Register! With As signor” button at the top). Please mark KEITH MITCHEL as your “Primary Assignor” for league games.  (Ray Sahm & Dave Howard for tournament games.)

I also recommend contacting the assignor via email to tell them what events you registered. You are now ready for game assignment.  Call Keith Mitchell with any questions.

Thank you.

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