Referee Information

USAi Referee Information

Junior Referee Info

At United Soccer Alliance of Indiana, “Junior Refs” ref PSC U5 and U6 Rec games and are trained before each season. For more information or to register for the next class contact USAi Commissioner Junior Refs.

The next level above “Junior Refs” is “Grade 9 Ref” who ref older age Rec games. The next level after that is “Grade 8 Refs” who ref travel games. The “Grade” is the level Ref course and does NOT refer to school system grades.

Refs are all ages, including adults. Depending upon the course and the candidate’s maturity, the lower age limits are around: 10 years old for Junior Refs; 12 years old for Grade 9 Refs and Grade 8 Refs.
Junior Ref Welcome (U5/U6 games)

Rec Referee Info

If you are not ready to ref travel league games and for USAi’s newer licensed Refs: USAi’s in house ref assignor Bill Walters will assign Grade 8 and Grade 9 refs to USAi’s Rec U7-U12 in house league. Please watch for emails / postings on USAI’s website announcing the “Rec” draft. If you intend to ref ONLY USAi IN HOUSE REC U7-U12 GAMES, YOU MAY SKIP THE REST OF THIS NOTE as you do NOT need to register with GotSoccer. Bill will hold a draft and take requests via email: Bill Walters.

Thank you for reffing games at USAi sites.  If you have a friend who would like to be added to USAi’s email list, please have him / her contact us.

Travel Referee Info

Dave Howard and Ray Sahm, considered by many to be the top ref assignors in Indianapolis, will assign all USAi hosted travel games Fall 2011 – Spring 2012, this includes games from MRL, ISL, GIRLS, CIYSL, ICL and PSC Rec PLUS games in the WCSSF league.  This includes USAi hosted travel games at Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Northwestway Park, and Kuntz Stadium.  (Ray and Dave have assigned all Pike Fest and USAi 3v3 Tournaments for nearly a decade.)

HOW TO GET GAMES:  As Ray explains below, you must log on to GotSoccer’s system and link yourself to Ray Sahm as assignor.  Note GotSoccer is NOT affiliated with Ref4Indy.  You must use GotSoccer to sign up for games.  With THIRTY SEVEN (37!) USAi TRAVEL teams playing in 5 travel leagues, there should be plenty of work for you.  BE SURE TO SEND RAY SAHM AN EMAIL STATING YOU HAVE REGISTERED WITH GOTSOCCER AND WANT GAMES!!

Grade 8 and Grade 9 How to Register in GotSoccer

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