Referee Fees

Referee Fees

USA of Indiana  Referee Contacts and Fee Information Sheet

Current Season information

Refs fees are a part of the “Team Fees” collected and paid out by Team Managers.

Team Managers: calculating Ref fees?  First check your League’s website for information on how it divides the cost for each game’s referees among the teams.  Some leagues now have each team pay half the Ref fees for every game as it is the most fair method.  Some leagues still have only the home team pay the Refs.

Determine how much you will need to pay the Refs for each League game and therefore how much to collect from parents.

USA of Indiana and USA of Indiana follows IYS format of play and has a three man ref crew on U9-U10 games.  However, USA OF INDIANA uses volunteer Club Refs for u9-u10 AR’s and does NOT pay U9-U10 AR’s. USA of Indiana U9-U10 team coach or manager must seek volunteer “Club Refs” (i.e. parent) for each home game to help call out of bounds (no offside at this age).

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