Junior Referee

Junior Refs Welcome for USA of Indiana Rec Games

Junior Refs:  Check listing on Ref page and email Commissioner to sign up for available games.  Be sure to include in your email the game number, date, time, field.  Note also most u5, u6, u7 & u8 games listed are actually TWO games and need TWO Refs.
Would you like to become a “Junior Ref”?  “Junior Refs” ref USA of Indiana U8, U7, U10 and sometimes U6 Rec games and are PAID $5 per game.  Refs are trained before each season.  For more information or to register for the next class contact USA of Indiana Commissioner Junior Refs.

The next level above “Junior Refs” is “Grade 9 Ref” who ref older age Rec games.  The next level after that is ”Grade 8 Refs” who ref travel games.  The “Grade” is the level Ref course and does NOT refer to school system grades.

Refs are all ages, including adults.  Depending upon the course and the candidate’s maturity, the lower age limits are around:  10 years old for Junior Refs; 12 years old for Grade 9 Refs; and 13 years old for Grade 8 Refs.

Questions: Bill Walters

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