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About USA of Indiana TOPSoccer

“Imagine a place where the playing field is leveled, where everyone gets a chance to score their first goal in life.  Think about a game where everyone is on your side, where the cheers are the loudest and the smiles are brighter than ever. Hugs are given and everyone learns how to win….”

USA of Indiana TOPSoccer (formerly Fusion TOPSoccer and Pike Soccer Club Have a Ball Special Needs Program) provides children with special needs the opportunity to play soccer. Children and adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities are eligible to play.  Coaches and field buddies adapt the game so that all players succeed and have fun!

USA of Indiana TOPSoccer video by: Vince Ganzberg

USA of Indiana TOPSoccer Goals
Accommodate All Abilities
Develop a Love for Soccer
Allow each player to Succeed
Provide Encouragement
Treasure the Fun

Players and parents, volunteers, Soccer Buddies, travel team coaches, contact:
USA of Indiana Commissioner TOPSoccer: Dave Romie
USA of Indiana Technical Coach TOPSoccer: Marc Rifkind

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