Rec Format of Play

USAi Recreation Format of Play

July 29, 2004
Some of the many US Youth Soccer, IYS, and other expert articles and and quotes supporting the nation wide move to small sided games.

Notable quotes and articles

Dr. Ron Quinn, author of USSF National Youth Soccer Coach license course “fewer people on the field provides greater opportunity for each child to participate fully.”

Jerry Yeagley-Head Men’s Soccer Coach-Indiana University
“Small-sided games are an essential part to the building block of developing young soccer players. Reducing the number of players and the size of the field enables players to develop soccer skills at a much greater rate than full eleven a side games. I also find that players have no problem taking the skills of small-sided games and translating then to bigger sided games at a later time. On a further note, taking over the IU women’s soccer program has meant developing this team by improving their skills and teaching them the game as I see it played. To do this, I am using small sided games because it is the BEST teacher of the game.”

Law 1 The Field of Play: the dimensions are smaller to accommodate the three-versus-three game and are appropriate for the movement capabilities of four- and five-year-old children.

US Youth Soccer official and Indiana Youth Soccer Association’s Recommendations for Rec Soccer call for 3 v 3 for U6 and U5

3v3 Learn Triangle Shape:  Vince Ganzberg, IYSA Director of Coaching:  “As a progression, from the U6 and U8 age groups, players learn the shape of a triangle in 3v3 play. In the 4v4 model, the diamond shape is the desired starting shape but as the game progresses, triangles are still present. Players in the 4v4 model learn the basic diamond shape and the importance of length, width, and depth. Because they are actively more involved, they stay interested and have fun because the possibility of scoring and preventing goals is present.”

STUDY:  12x more touches on the ball with small sided:

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