“We Teach More Than Just The Game”

“We Teach More Than Just The Game”

Dear USA of Indiana Member,

“United Soccer Alliance Indiana teaches more than just the game” is more than just a slogan.  USA of Indiana Soccer Director Will Pfaffenberger regularly presents articles that highlight some of the ways we “Teach More Than Just The Game.”  The articles are posted on the front page of the website, emailed to members, and included in the “Happenings” E-newsletter.  The information is to help guide parents, coaches, referees and players to achieve both their team and personal goals.

Coach Pfaffenberger will primarily focus on youth development, for example how to grow into being a winner, not just somebody who wins soccer games.  Each article is brief and archived for future reference.

Coach Pfaffenberger will present different articles, stories or general interest pieces that are educational in nature, and representative of the Club’s overall teaching philosophy, core values and mission.

Hope you enjoy.

Steve Moore, President USA of Indiana
Thomas Geisse, Executive Director
Community Through Youth Sport Foundation
USA of Indiana

Coach Article – Volume 2 – January 23, 2012
Filling Players’ Confidence Tanks
Cars cannot run on empty…neither can a player.

Coach Article – Volume 1 – January 3, 2012
Building Winners
Winning vs. Being a Winner….
There is a BIG difference between the two.  Anybody can win a game.  But can you be a REAL winner?

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