Lucas Oil Stadium Centerplate Concession program

Lucas Oil Stadium CenterPlate Concession program

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USA of Indiana Player Fundraising Program: Lucas Oil Stadium Concession
The USA of Indiana Fundraising program offers “Lucas Oil Stadium Concessions” as a good option for a family to raise money to help pay for Club tuition and team based fees. Parents and players over 16 years old volunteer to sell concessions at Lucas Oil Stadium in exchange for a percentage of sales.  It’s a good opportunity for families to earn money to help keep soccer expenses reasonable.  See Volunteer page to register.

There is a minimum number of USA of Indiana volunteers required to work each event.  Typically, USA of Indiana will need 9 to 10 volunteers per event/stand. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and must 21 years or older to sell alcohol.

How does the money work for me?
The volunteers working each event share equally in 95% of the money raised from each event.  Once Centerplate pays USA of Indiana, the Club will credit the amount earned in player’s Club Tuition in the player’s Blue Sombrero account.  All money must be used to pay for Club tuition or team based fees, i.e. tournaments, ref fees, league fees.  If a player has a credit balance after all Club tuition and team based fees are paid, a check will be issued in June for the credit balance or a player may opt to apply the amount as a credit to next year’s tuition.

How much will our group make?
The higher your group’s sales at the event; the more money your child earns.  The group will earn 10% of the sales for your stand at each event.  This money will be divided equally among each worker.

Mandatory Training Meeting
First sign up on the volunteer page and then you must attend this informative meeting. The Frontline Training Quiz is available online to have completed by the meeting. Please bring a copy of your completed Quiz Sheet. This will help speed up the process. You may get a copy of this quiz at the meeting if not completed beforehand. You may find a copy of the quiz at:

If you are 21 years + we strongly encourage you to obtain your Volunteer NFP liquor permit. You must also have a Valid Driver’s License. You can get this permit at this site:
This permit is valid for 2 years and you pay the reasonable, associated fee. We must have at least 50% of our volunteers at each event to have this license. Those with the Volunteer Liquor Permit will also have priority over those who do not. You must have this to handle and sell alcohol at all Centerplate/ Lucas events. You must also complete TIPS training.

If you sign up for events, you are committed to working those events. You must give at least 24 hours notice if you can not work an event. Failure to do so results in your name being taken off of the Lucas Volunteer roster. When you sign up to work an event and do not show up, it affects everyone in the group not making maximum sales and puts the entire program at risk.

If you’re interested, please contact   This is a good opportunity to raise money as a group and bond as a team.  Each volunteer please register: