2012 Annual Awards Winners

2012 Annual Awards Winners

Daouda Sene: USAi Boys Travel Coach of the Year. 
Coach Sene is head coach of USAi Travel ’00 Boys Premier team.  Sene holds a USSF National D coaching license and has coached at USAi for more than a decade as well as at Warren Central High School.  Sene is an Information Technology professional at IU Health.  Although team has had much success on the field and indeed plays in the US Youth Midwest National League, Coach Sene states the goal is player development and that his mission is to help parents develop fine young men, one player at a time.


Katie Lafayette: USAi Girls Travel Coach of the Year. 
Coach Katie is a hard working, dedicate, ethical coach of USAi Travel ’99 Girls Premier team.  Katie is always well prepared, knowledgeable, and teaches integrity, respects, and sportsmanship to the players.  Players and parents consider Katie’s coaching exemplary and credit her with creating a better soccer experience.

“Coach Katie has taught me-

  1. To play with heart.
  2. To push myself.
  3. To have confidence in myself.
  4. To be a leader.
  5. To trust myself and my teammates.
  6. To have fun and not take anything too seriously.
  7. Hard work is worth it.
  8. How you conduct yourself off the field is just as important as on the field.
  9. Stay healthy.
    By Ella, player on team.


Roc Byrd: USAi Community Recreation League Coach of the Year
“Doc” Roc is a long time “Rec” coach.  The families on the team state the boys are having a fun time and are developing their soccer skills….each at their own level…yet each improving season to season, year to year.

Brenda Caron: USAi Travel Team Manager of the Year
I would like to nominate Brenda Caron as the team manager of the year.  She has been a wonder team mom for my daughters soccer team.  She always keeps the team informed and organized.  She is always cheerful and helpful.

Brenda Caron is a value to our U14 USAi Travel ’99 Girls Navy team. I cannot overstate what a wonderful job she does.  She is so on top of things and is continually helping us all to make sure we are registered for hotels at tournaments and have directions to fields for league games and takes care of our fields and is such a tremendous support and resource for us that without her, it is difficult to see how we could function at all.  I enthusiastically nominate her for Team Manager of the Year.

Paula Groff: USAi Travel Team Manager of the Year
We nominate Paula Groff to be recognized USAi’s Travel Team Manager of the Year.  Paula does a fantastic job as USAi Travel ’99 Girls Premier Team Manager as she devotes countless hours handling all the “other stuff” so that the Coach may concentrate on coaching.  The team couldn’t properly function without Paula’s tireless efforts on behalf of the team, the coach, and the families.

Paula has been the team manager since the formation of this team 6 years ago.  She is thorough, timely, and punctual. She has all the qualifications to make a great manager and she is a great team manager.  There is something that sets her apart, something that makes her irreplaceable, something that honestly qualifies her beyond a shadow of a doubt for team manager of the year, her passion.  Through email, text blasts, and phone calls, through hard work, passion and love, this team is where it is today due to the dedication of one heck of a phenomenal team manager.

Ginyce Haywood: USAi Young Female Referee of the Year
Ginyce is professional in appearance, dependable, consistent in performance, has a positive attitude toward players and team officials.  This young lady is a role model both on and off of the playing field.

Ginyce can be found almost every weekend refereeing games for the area Recreational and Travel clubs.  I enjoy how well Ginyce handles the entire aspect of being a referee.  She is always prepared, and is consistently one of the first referees to show up on Saturday morning when we have recreational games.  She is also very comfortable refereeing our travel games and has done a very good job handling not only our regular season travel games but also the area tournaments where she may be called on to referee 4-5 games/days.  It is always great to see how referees develop from year to year and Ginyce is no exception.  Starting out as a Grade 9 referee and moving up to Grade 8 has been a great success story for the way the referee program has successfully worked here.  Ginyce continues to be willing and able to jump in and help out whenever we have a need.  This has been beneficial to USAi to have someone like Ginyce willing to help out.  Ginyce soccer experience is not only in the referee area, she is a very accomplished player on the field.  As a senior at Pike High School, she is looked to as a leader of the team and she fits this need well.  This also carries over to club soccer where she plays on the USAi Premier team for her age.  Ginyce has many accomplishments with regard to soccer but I can see more in her future as she continues with a strong work ethic and a great attitude.
Bill Walters, Chairperson USAi Referee Development Academy Committee

Aaron Noble: USAi Young Male Referee of the Year
I would like to nominate Aaron Noble for the youth Referee of Year Award. Aaron is an outstanding young man and works very hard to make soccer better on every game he works. He works all over the Indianapolis area and due to his lack of a car, he rides his bike to most of his games.  He spends many hours a week during the soccer season working with other young referees in mentoring them to grow has a soccer referee. His time does not stop on the field he also helps them in other areas. He has been an active member of his school in many areas and he does very well on his school grades.  Aaron does it all; he is a good person and a good referee and works on anything to help the game of soccer.
By Dave Howard, USAi Travel Ref Assignor, MRL, Indy Burn Cup, Pike Fest, Fusion Fall Classic.

Aaron, a referee since 2009, starting in High School and continuing to referee while moving on to college.  For a young referee, Aaron has a very professional quality that are evident when he referees.  He is one of the most consistent referees we have used in regards to punctuality before the game, his work during the game, and even his effort after the game.  I have personally had Aaron referee a number of my games and I can always count on him being there as scheduled, controlling the game and his willingness to stay after the game to discuss the different aspects of the action.  His professional manner by which he presents himself allows the coaches to be very comfortable with him and recognize that he is able to handle the duty.  Away from soccer, Aaron is enrolled in the IU Kelley School of Business with focus on Business Foundation and Entrepreneurship.  I am sure he will succeed in this aspect in the same manner that he has succeeded as a young referee.
By Bill Walters, Chairperson, USAi Referee Committee

Aaron has been a referee since 2009 and in recent years has developed into an outstanding young referee and young man.  He demonstrates tremendous poise and confidence when on and off the field.  He communicates well with both team officials and players of all ages.  He truly exhibits a love of the game when working and is a real ambassador of the sport.
By Ray Sahm, USAi Travel Ref Assignor, ISL, ICL, WCSSF, Indy Burn Cup, Mayor’s Latino Cup, Pike Fest, Fusion Fall Classic

Terrie Maexner: USAi Volunteer of the Year
Terrie is the mother of 2 USAi Travel Players and the Team Manager for one team.  That is already more volunteering than most parents.  Terrie for the past several years has also served as Chairperson Risk Managers for 2 Indy Burn Cups and several Pike Fest and one Fusion Fall Classic youth tournaments.  This is one of the most critical roles in USAi events as the Chair recruits additional volunteers to serve as Field Marshalls and then works the entire event from the HQ tent or a constantly moving golf cart to start each game on time, properly record the scores and help to keep players, coaches, managers, and fans safe.  Terrie performs this role is a quiet, efficient, and cheerful manner from a position in the HQ tent where each parent, coach, team manager, and fan comes to ask questions.  The proceeds from the 2 largest 2012 tournaments were enough to pay for the 2012 grants from the USAi Tuition Assistance Fund.