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USA of Indiana Named Indy Parks Partner of the Year 2014
December 20, 2013
United Soccer Alliance of Indiana was named Indy Parks Partner of the Year 2013. The award reads:  “PARTNER OF THE YEAR AWARD.  Thank you from the Indy Parks family for your dedication and commitments on multiple levels of engagement.  You are truly an asset and once again a great partner for 2013!”
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September 28, 2013
Dreams for tourism industry
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Spotlight Indianapolis WIBC
October 14, 2012
USA of Indiana Executive Director Thomas Geisse and Soccer Director Will Pfaffenberger talk about youth soccer in America on the October 14, 2012 show of Spotlight Indianapolis on WIBC with host Matt Reiswerg
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Click here to listen to 10-14 Spotlight Indy Part 2

July 16, 2012
Ken Snow Shooting Camp
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October 7, 2011
Isang Jacob returns to Pike Soccer Club

September 29, 2011
Pike Soccer Club Announce Coaching Staff Additions
Vince Ganzberg and Steve Weiger added to coaching staff

August 2, 2011
Game for visually impaired offers competition, camaraderie
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August 1, 2011
National Beep Baseball Association championship competition begins
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May 10, 2011
Cheney, Lindsey make U.S. World Cup squad
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December 15, 2010
Pike Youth Soccer Club Announces 2011 Board of Directors
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November 21, 2010
Hoosier Digest: SOCCER Three coaches set for Hall
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November 20, 2010
Indy trio to be inducted into soccer coaches HOF
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September 7, 2010, Mayor Ballard and Sgt. Grimes coach children in community life lessons.
As part of Community Through Youth Sport Foundation’s programming, Mayor Ballard and Sgt. Grimes from Indianapolis Police visited and helped train 200 children plus their 200 parents in September 7,2010.  Sgt. Grimes ran a soccer game called “Red Light Green Light” and the Mayor ran a “Clean up your Yard” game.

Mayor to Attend Pike Youth Soccer Club Event, 9/6/2010

August 11, 2010
Mayor Ballard’s Latino Cup Huge Success
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ESPN The Magazine feature on “Soccer: Our First Love”
Sports stars talk about their love for soccer and how it has helped them grow
Indy Burn ’99 Boys Blue & White take part in ESPN The Magazine video and photo shoot with IRL driver Raphael Matos.

November 7, 2009
Volunteers plant about 90 trees
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November 4, 2009
Indy Parks tree planting planned
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July 30, 2009
Soccer Players Accomplished Plenty
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July 30, 2009
Brownsburg’s Snider glad for soccer experience
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July 29, 2009
Sports of all sorts
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July 25, 2009
Covenant Christian standout Blake Leyden ready for new role
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July 22, 2009
Indy Burn seeks title
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July 18, 2009
Indy Burn soccer team shoots for national title
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July 18, 2009
U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships excites Jonathan “Yogi” Snider
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June 24, 2009
Indy Burn Eagles win 1st regional soccer title
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May 31, 2009
Pike and Parks Team Up for Tree Planting
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Penn State University
April 6, 2009
Gorman Adds Isang Jacob to Men’s Soccer Staff as Assistant Coach

March 18, 2009
Sports of All Sorts Dan Kapsalis
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March 14, 2009
Pike Youth Soccer Club coach earns national honor
National Awards takes Isang Jacob by Surprise
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February 16, 2009
State soccer icon to head Pike Soccer Club
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January 29, 2009
2 Northside youth soccer coaches honored
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January 28, 2009
Isang Jacob Named US Youth Soccer Region II Boys Competitive Coach of the Year
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June 26 & 28, 2008
Indy Parks Won’t Pursue Pike Soccer Project
Indy Star article about $2 million Community Wellness Center that Geisse Foundation proposed to lead fundraise to construct and PSC proposed to operate at no cost to Indy Parks or taxpayers. Statements from Indy Parks, Geisse Foundation, and Pike Youth Soccer Club.
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June 20, 2008
Indy Burn Eagles
Indy Burn Eagles feel this is best chance to win regional tournament
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June 19, 2008
Soccer, wellness center faces opposition
$2 Million Community Wellness Center that Geisse Foundation proposed to lead fundraise to construct and PSC proposed to operate at
no cost to Indy Parks or taxpayers.
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June 18, 2008
Local teams claim various titles
Indiana Youth Soccer Indiana State Cup and Indiana Challenge Cup Winners
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April 25, 2008
Coach Is No Newcomer
Warner Moses Named PHS Girls Coach
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Nov. 24, 2007
Indy Burn Winners
Indy Burn 96 Girls Select Champions
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Oct. 25, 2007
McIntosh Joins Pike Soccer Club Staff
Brett McIntosh Named Technical Coach
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Sept, 28, 2007
A leader on and off the field
Jonathan “Yogi” Snider – Indy Burn ’90 Eagles
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Sept 26, 2007
Soccer Club Appointments
PSC Announces New Hire Thomas Geisse, Executive Director
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June 13, 2007
Indy Burn Captures 6th State Cup Title
Indy Burn ’90 Boys Picture
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April 20 2007
In Italy, Indy Burn Proves It Came To Play
Indy Burn ’90 Boys Feature
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June 20, 2006
Indy Burn is Honing Focus for Midwest Tournament
Indy Burn ’90 Boys Feature
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March 13, 2005
Youth Sports Facility March 13, 2005
Suburban is forcing area clubs to find places to play on their own initiative
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May 31, 2004
My View Editorial May 31, 2004
A reasonable plan for Pike Soccer Club Fields
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June 25, 2004
One Soccer Club Two State Titles
Boys & Girls ’90 Capture State Titles
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March 15, 1999
MJGSC Announced Indianapolis Star
Youth organization will develop 90-acre site near Eagle Creek
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