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Will you please read these important reminders for fun, safe days at Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex,  Northwestway Park, USAI Avon Soccer Complex, and USAI Brownsburg Soccer Complex?  

USA of Indiana KidSafe: Since 1979, USA of Indiana has provided a safe playing environment for its children.  Parents expect participation in youth sports will help their children develop emotionally, socially, and physically into fine young adults.  Sadly, these benefits occasionally are overshadowed by damaging behavior of adults.  PARENTS are the primary advocates for their children. No rule, law, or policy can replace a proactive parent. 
Please never leave your children unsupervised. 

No Smoking of any kind
,  No Guns,  No Drugs.   No Dogs (it’s a health issue).

Please remember everyone has an important role:   Players play, Coaches coach, Officials referee, and Parents cheer.  These roles do not overlap.

 1. EMERGENCIES.  If you witness a medical emergency, call 911.  Then please alert an USA of Indiana Officer of the Day if available as USA of Indiana may be able to help direct first responders to the precise location.  On your 911 call, please give the operator the name and address of the soccer complex and field number and as much of this information as you can:

Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex
7225 West 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254
(W. 56th St. at Reed Road)

Northwestway Park
5253 W. 62nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268
(W. 62nd St. at Moller Road)

(USA of Indiana) Avon Soccer Complex
The Valley in Avon
6050 E. County Road 91N

Avon, IN  46123

(USA of Indiana) Brownsburg Soccer Complex
3400 N. County Road 600 E.

Brownsburg, IN  46112

2. Please allow enough time to get your player to his/her field at least 15 minutes early, so games may begin on time. Print a field layout map for your use.  Field layout maps, map, directions:

3. On the field reminders:
a. The game is for the players to have FUN. They require very little coaching from the sidelines and then only from the Coach.  Only positive cheering with NO parent direction (‘shoot’, ‘pass.’)
b. Risk: Only players and coaches on one side of the field.
c. Risk: Only players and coaches in between the dual fields and parents around all four sides.
d. USA of Indiana Community Rec & Rec Plus Soccer is: kids play nearly the entire game; parents don’t yell at kids nor coach nor at each other; every game and training session is FUN; skill development is goal.

4. TRASH TALK: please carry all your trash off the soccer fields and place in trash barrels around the parking lot. There is no one to pick up your trash.  It’s good behavior to teach your children.  (Coach: please inspect after your game and leave nothing behind but footprints.)

5. USA of Indiana works because of its dedicated volunteers. Your team is assigned a volunteer responsibility.  Please ask your coach or manager for the day and time and then volunteer online to help to line a field, man the snack bar or pay the refs, help with pictures, awards or equipment.  Volunteer on line

Want to help manage USA of Indiana?  There is a position/task that matches your available time, talent, and treasure. Volunteer to your Coach, Team Manager, Commissioner, Board member,  or Thomas Geisse.

6. How can USA of Indiana improve?  
Please provide your feedback directly to your child’s coach or write an email to Administrator, Board member, or Thomas Geisse.  USA of Indiana is a parent run Club and only improves with your valuable feedback.

Please read as goal is your family’s safety and zero parking tickets for USA of Indiana members.  PLEASE DRIVE VERY SLOWLY (5 mph) and watch for children at all times.  

Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Avon Soccer Complex and Brownsburg Soccer Complex:  please park close to the car next to you to leave room for your teammates.

Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex:
Tots, U5 and U6 families: on game days, please enter the Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex VIA ONE OF THE NORTH ENTRANCES and then go south on the internal road and PARK facing the Colts or in the grass lot south of the Mayor Gardens.  Please enter completely into the grass lot and do not block the entrance by along the road.  Please do not use the main south lot as all Tots, U5, and U6 games are NORTH OF THE MAIN PARKING LOT and the south lot may be very busy/crowded.

Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex South lot:  Please park only inside the painted lines.  Please remain seated in your car until the car beside/behind you has come to a complete stop and its engine turned off.  Park only in the gravel lot or grass overflow lot.  Do not park along the main south entrance way.  Rangers may ticket cars in ‘No Parking’ areas including the grass parking islands.  The outer road around the parking lot is one way only.  Do not park on the grass islands as your car then blocks the free flow of traffic and emergency vehicles and may be ticketed and towed.

Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex Grass Overflow Lot:  Once the main south gravel lot is full, please use the grass overflow lot south of the Mayor’s Gardens.

Northwestway Park: park only in lined paved parking spots and not on the grass nor in ‘No Parking’ areas.  Rangers may ticket violators. Please no drop offs / pick ups along Moller Road or West 62nd Street. Police may consider your vehicle illegally ‘parked’ the moment you stop on the grass/edge of the road.

 8. THEFT VANDALISM: Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.  Despite regular Park Ranger patrols and security retained by USA of Indiana, prevention is key.  Please don’t bring valuables to any of the 4 USA of Indiana Soccer Complexes or keep them with you at all times.

9. All USA of Indiana members are part of Park Watch: please report all suspicious behavior to 911.  If you discover graffiti or other evidence of bad activity, please contact Thomas Geisse.  If you’re witnessing unlawful activity and want a Park Ranger to come to the Indy Park, the non emergency dispatch number is 327-3811.  Dial 911 for all emergencies.


1. PLAYER SAFETY: You, the parent, are the primary safety advocate for your child.
b. NO SMOKING of anything AT ANYTIME AT THE SOCCER FIELDS, including the parking lot.
c. No alcohol
, No drugs, No guns.
d. NO DOGS on or near soccer fields. In addition to frightening some people, there is danger of dogs attacking strangers, plus it may be left to you to clear the fields of hazards before the game.
e. NO JEWELRY. No beads in the hair as this poses a danger for injury to your player and others. Tie off braids with a soft pony-tailer during soccer.
f. Please do not allow your children to play near the ponds or the creek.  Any soccer ball that ends up in water should be left for DPW or USA Indiana to retrieve it the next weekday.
g. RISK REMINDERS It’s everyone’s responsibility to help protect our children from risk.

Please never leave your children unsupervised.

USA of Indiana’s Concussion Management  USAI policies and procedures exceed Indiana state law.  Any athlete with a suspected concussion should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PLAY, urgently assessed medically, should not be left alone, and closely monitored on the sideline for any worsening of signs or symptoms.  USA of Indiana POLICY: Any athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from play at the time of the injury; and may not return to play until the athlete has received a written clearance by a medical professional.

Tips to prevent larcenies from vehicles.  Do not leave valuables in your vehicle and lock your vehicle.  If you must leave your purse or valuables in the trunk, place them in the trunk before you park in the parking lot.  Thieves may watch the parking lot for people placing valuables in the trunk of vehicles.  Report suspicious subjects and behavior to 911 or USA of Indiana officer.

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