Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex


7225 West 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN  46254
5425 Reed Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254 (Entrance to south lot)
5525 Reed Road, Indianapolis, IN  46254 (Mayor Gardens entrance)
Next to Indianapolis Colts, across from Eagle Creek Park W. 56th Street entrance

Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex Photo Gallery

Google Earth summer 2012 with new entrance to West 56th Street and 56th Street drainage improvements.

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2012 Aerial Photo Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex







Saturday morning, October, 2011




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Beep Baseball
Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex has hosted two Regional Beep Baseball championships (June, 2010 and June, 2011) and, along with Indy Parks hosted the 36th Annual Beep Baseball World Series , August 2011. Beep Baseball is an adaptive sport for visually impaired athletes.  Click here for article: Here players praise the fields at the Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex. Click here to view video.

September 7, 2010, Mayor Ballard and Sgt. Grimes coach children in community life lessons.
As part of Community Through Youth Sport Foundation’s programming, Mayor Ballard and Sgt. Grimes from Indianapolis Police visited and helped train 200 children plus their 200 parents in September 7,2010.  Sgt. Grimes ran a soccer game called “Red Light Green Light” and the Mayor ran a “Clean up your Yard” game.

Mayor Ballard and Thomas Geisse during visit to Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Eagle Creek Park, as a part of Community Days and United Water grant annoucement

Mayor Ballard and Thomas Geisse during visit to Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Eagle Creek Park, as a part of Community Days and United Water grant annoucement

March 30, 2006  Honorary First Game played on new fields

Fields Map Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex

Donors and Benefactor

MJGSC “Master Plan” drawings are for illustration and planning purposes only and are not final. Changes will occur. For example, the Drop Off area was eliminated for safety reasons. The entrance from 56th Street was dropped as the less safe alternative. Future Multi Use Facility (shown here in its planned location) and additional phases may be built as funding becomes available.

May 31, 2004
My View Editorial May 31, 2004
A reasonable plan for Pike Soccer Club Fields

United Soccer Alliance of Indiana In The News

How You Can Help

Change a child’s life: donate to United Soccer Alliance of Indiana


Phased Construction Timeline

Club house with restrooms, concessions, storage, meeting room.

Stage one:
2011-2012 drainage pipe installed from 56th Street to intake in SW corner of Soccer Tots field.
Intake structures installed the entire length plus 6 along entrance.
Entrance to 56th Street with passing blister, acceleration lane, de-acceleration lane.
Culvert replaced under 56th Street to bring storm water south under the road.
Open swale to collect and move water from each boundary to the drainage pipe. Utility poles relocated.

Stage two:
2012 Filled and repair low lying grass areas in the north part of the complex not addressed by Stage one.
Raised level of far north row of Mayor’s Gardeners to prevent flood damage to crops.
Filled and repair low lying areas along the service road (parking for Gardeners).

Placed gravel and dirt around paving, November, 2010
Gate installed north entrance, October, 2010
Paved roads, lots, October 20, 2010
United Water sustainability grant, porous asphalt handicapped spaces installed, October, 2010.
Irrigation installed new north fields, Spring, 2010

4′ Mini feeder trail installed 4′ feet south of and along the south paved entrance, 12/2/09
Tree and Shrubs Planting, November 7, 2009 (Indy Parks, hundred)
Tree Planting, May 30, 2009 (Indy Parks, hundred)
Posts 4×4 installed around traffic areas (hundreds) 2008-2009
Snack bar constructed 2008
Barn storage constructed 2008
Tree Planting, November 1, 2008 (Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, 100 trees)
Feeder trail installed across south side of Mayor’s Gardens, 2008.
Tree Planting, December 15, 2007 (Spruce)
Storage Container installed, 2007

2006 New North fields installed, South entrance paved, gravel south lot installed, irrigation installed
August 22, 2006 New North fields graded & seeded, paved south entrance, installed South parking lot
June 30, 2006 South parking lot constructed, irrigation installed
May, 2006 Veolia Water North America brings water to MJGSC for irrigation
March 30, 2006  Honorary First Game played on new fields

2005 Greenways Trail bridge construction May, 2005

Fall 2004  Initial South gravel parking lot constructed
November 7, 2004 Gravel for initial south lot installed
October 7, 2004 Initial south lot graded

Summer 2004 South fields constructed
September 30, 2004  Grass planted
September 3, 2004 Fields graded
June 4, 2004 South entrance created, field staked
May 19, 2004 Complex staked
March 15, 1999 MJGSC announced

From Director Parks & Recreation to Pike Soccer Club members.

Dear Pike Soccer Club Member,
Indy Parks and Recreation is excited about its partnership with Pike Youth Soccer Club to establish the Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex at West 56th Street and Reed Road.  Once completed, this facility will serve the fitness and recreational needs of Marion County families for many years.  This project has gone through several phases of safety, traffic, and environmental impact research since the concept was approved by the Eagle Creek Park Advisory Council in the Eagle Creek Master Plan (1997). The result is a product that combines the construction of the soccer fields and the first leg of the Eagle Creek Greenways Trail.  By combining the two projects, Indy Parks and Pike Youth Soccer saved both construction time and taxpayer money.  Indy Parks remains committed to this project and to expanding the recreational opportunities to Northwest side residents.  I assure you that the time and research put into this project by Indy Parks, Pike Youth Soccer Club, and the Department of Public Works has been necessary and critical in the planning process.  Indy Parks views taxpayer feedback as an important tool when planning the construction and layout of new projects, which is why, throughout this project, we have remained committed to making the planning process open to public comment and communication.

Community support will be essential in the growth and success of the Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex as not only a community recreational park, but also a Northwest side community jewel for future generations.


Director, Indianapolis Parks and Recreation
City of Indianapolis



September 26, 2015:


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