United Soccer Alliance of Indiana Board Selected policy & standard operating procedures

Code of Conduct
The Codes of Conduct are intended to serve as guidelines for USA of Indiana teams. They will continue to evolve as USA of Indiana evaluates and strengthens its entire program.

Private Lesson Policy

Guest Player Policy

Tournament Policies

Coaching Certification Policy

USA of Indiana KidSafe Policy

Recreation Team Formation Policy

Where does the money go? Board Decisions

USA of Indiana Travel Double Roster Policy

Who selects the coaches? Policy

Play Up in Age Policy

USA of Indiana  Continuing Coaching Education Tuition Policy

USA of Indiana Refund Policy

Private Lesson Policy
Training only players are not allowed.  Each player at each training session must already be registered for a USA of Indiana program for the current or upcoming season.  Private lessons for non USA of Indiana members must take place on the coach’s own time (and not during the USA of Indiana Travel training session) and not at USA of Indiana Soccer Complexes.  Private lessons for USA of Indiana members must first be approved in writing by USA of Indiana Soccer Director.


Guest Player Policy
USA of Indiana Travel teams are to make use of other USA of Indiana Travel players as guest players as a first option, using the Club Pass system.  This policy helps comply with IYSA Registration Rules and at the same helps promote players from within.  A guest player, using another Club’s player pass, must first be approved in writing by USA of Indiana Soccer Director.  USA of Indiana Travel players may not play as a guest for another Club; exceptions must first receive permission in writing from USA of Indiana Soccer Director.  (3/2009

Tournament Policies
1.  All players must be transported to/from out of town tournaments (farther than 50 miles from USA of Indiana fields), by an adult.  Players may not drive themselves or team mates.  (3/2009)
2.  Hotel behavior.  Players must use best behavior at all times during the tournament including at the hotel and tournament.  (3/2009)
3.  USA of Indiana Travel teams may not travel in 15 passenger vans.  (2004

Coaching Certification Policy
Each Coach and Assistant Coach must complete the USA of Indiana KidSafe Risk Management 101 Coaching Certification Course – February 9, 2004 .

United Soccer Alliance of Indiana KidSafe Policy
Each Coach; Assistant Coach; Board member; and Board Committee member, including Team Managers and Commissioners, must agree to and provide information for an annual criminal back ground check.
February, 9, 2004
See USA of Indiana’s KidSafe Policies on the KidSafe page.

Additional KidSafe policies
USA of Indiana Coaches must never be alone with one of the team’s players. The second to last player to be picked up must stay with the Coach until the last player is picked up. Coach must never leave the game or training area when there are remaining players to be picked up. 12/02

USA of Indiana Coaches are not to transport players to any location for any USA of Indiana activity unless it is carpool prearranged and authorized by the parent(s) involved, other than the coach’s own child. 9/17/09

Recreation Team Formation Policy
Rec teams are randomly formed each fall season and may remain together for the following spring season.  The Club will honor the first three parent/player requests per team.

Generally Rec coaches are parents and wish to coach their own child.  Thus, in most cases, the policy means actually only 2 parent requests plus the child of the coach.  For example, if a parent requests Susie and Mary to play on the team that would be a total of three once one includes the child of the coach.  It may only be one request but it equals the total of three players.  There may be 2 different requests from parents, just for their child, and those combined with the coach’s child will result in the maximum of three also.

For Risk management reasons, there is no evaluation of the parent request made by Club.

Although part of the fun for children is to score goals, there is no place for runaway games in recreational soccer.  Any coach responsible for this will be referred to the Coaching Education staff for remedial training.  August 11, 2003

Where does the money go?
Board Decisions
Net proceeds in operating account is returned to parents with lower tuition.  In addition, operating account has paid for tuition assistance for players in need since 1979.
Designated revenue streams include:

1. Parent paid tuition to General Operating account.
2. New Fields assessments to New Fields Development account.  (Portion of Travel, Rec and Rec+ tuition are expected to go to New Fields but may be spent by unexpected expenses.)
3. Uniform reimbursement nets out uniform expense.
4. Rec parent volunteer buy out to Operations.

5. New Fields Capital Campaign and Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex Advisory Committee efforts to New Fields Development account.

a. New Fields donations (Capital Campaign, coach stipend donations)

b. New Fields major sponsorships (St. Vincent’s, Coke, Land O’ Frost)

c. New Fields donations via Network for Good or USA of Indiana web site

d. New Fields partnerships (Note expenses for these efforts also charged to field development account.)

6.  Scholarship Account if specific grant.

7.  United Way donations to New Fields account unless specified by donor.

8.  Annual campaign to members:  Solicit donations to Operations.

9.  Club based fundraising efforts:  on line registration goal and field sponsorships net proceeds to New Fields, cash donations donor designated to Rec Scholarships, Operations, or New Fields.

10. Concession revenue offsets concession expense with net proceeds to Operations.

11. Interest income off sets bank expense with net proceeds to Operations.

12. Advertising and Newsletter ad sales offsets newsletter/communication expense with net proceeds to Operations.  Note Communications is usually net expense.

13. Club Based fundraising revenue offsets fundraising expenses with net proceeds to Operations:

a.  Merchandise (logo wear & decals) sales off sets merchandise expense with net proceeds to Operations.

b.  Minor raffles.

14. Tournament income (consignment, food, hotels, ads, registration, apparel sales, concessions) offset tournament expenses with net proceeds allocated to Player Tuition Assistance Fund,  Travel League, and General Fund.  Board may assign major tournament sponsorship proceeds to USA of Indiana Travel account.

15. Generally nets to zero.  If net proceeds, see above area.
May 10, 2004

USAi Travel Double Roster Policy

USA of Indiana discourages a child playing on two USA OF INDIANA teams during the same season, yet does not prohibit it.  Each child wishing to double roster must be approved by all coaches involved and USA OF INDIANA Soccer Director.
The primary player pays primary player fees to primary team.
Secondary team fees are determined by player status:
1.  Players doubled rostered on two USA of Indiana Travel teams:
a.  Secondary Player is needed to keep team together and asked by a Coach, pay Club registration portion of tuition.*  This rare situation is determined by USA OF INDIANA Soccer Director (not Coach or Manager).
b.  Secondary Players approaching Coach pay full Club tuition for both teams.*
2.  Players affiliated with another Club are not allowed to double roster on USA of Indiana. USA of Indiana Travel team; exceptions must first receive permission in writing from USA OF INDIANA Soccer Director.
*Plus Secondary Players pay share of participating tournaments for all four types of player situations.

In the case of a child wishing to play on both a USA of Indiana Rec or Rec Plus team and an USA of Indiana Travel travel team in the same season:  USA OF INDIANA policy is the child is a “primary” player on the USA of Indiana Travel travel team.  Due to the nature of time and financial commitment to a travel team, USA OF INDIANA does not allow a “primary” USA OF INDIANA Rec Plus player to be a “secondary” USA of Indiana Travel travel player.  USA OF INDIANA does allow the player to be Primary USA of Indiana Travel and Secondary USA OF INDIANA Rec Plus.  There is no “secondary” Rec Plus player tuition discount.

In the rare instance of a parent of a USA of Indiana Rec player requesting, and a Travel Coach wishing to roster, true “part time” travel team player status, this exception must first receive permission in writing from USA of Indiana Soccer Director.  IYSA still considers the player is “Primary” on the travel team and “Secondary” on the Rec Plus team.  IYSA prohibits a “Secondary” travel player without the companion “Primary” travel or Rec plus team; thus there can be no “primary” Rec and “secondary” travel IYSA registration.
July 8, 2002.

Who selects the coaches? Policy

All USA of Indiana coaches serve at the pleasure of the USA of Indiana Board of Directors.

USA of Indiana coaches have changed from all parent volunteers to one where it has a mixture of member volunteers and paid coaches.  In order to fulfill its mission, USA of Indiana has the following coach selection procedure in place.

The Soccer Director, with input from USA of Indiana Coaching Committee, has the responsibility for setting guidelines for coach recruitment and termination.  They are to oversee coach recruitment and selection per the following guidelines:

Recreation Coaches Tots (U4), U5 – U12
Commissioners Recreation are to assign Recreational Coaches with approval of the Recreation Coordinator. The Coaching Committee and Directors Coaching are available to assist on an “as requested” basis.

Rec. Plus Coaches U13-U18-U25
Commissioner USA of Indiana Travel (Rec) Plus assigns Rec. Plus Coaches with pre-approval of the Soccer Director.  The Coaching Committee is available to assist on an “as requested” basis.

USA of Indiana Travel Coaches Youth U9 – U19
Primary recruitment, evaluation, and selection is to be completed by USA of Indiana Soccer Director, with contributions from the following:
USA of Indiana Directors of Coaching
USA of Indiana Travel Coaching staff
Coaching Committee
USA of Indiana Soccer Director forwards the coaching candidates to the USA of Indiana Executive Director for final review and approval.
March 8, 2004.

Play Up in Age Policy

United Soccer Alliance of Indiana and USA of Indiana Travel youth teams will be made up of “true-age” players.  United Soccer Alliance of Indiana and USA of Indiana Travel teams have the luxury of having sufficient numbers to create and maintain true age teams.  Blended age teams are allowed and, indeed, encouraged, only when the number of players are such that without blending ages, players will be left behind.  It is not the intent of United Soccer Alliance of Indiana nor USA of Indiana Travel to deny younger players with advanced skills the opportunity to play with older age players.  Rather, the Club wants to ensure if a younger player is requesting to play up in age, he or she will be able to gain experience and adequate playing time to help enhance the player’s soccer skills.

Recreation and Rec Plus Divisions
1. USA of Indiana discourages playing up.
2. USA of Indiana Rec Team formation Board policy must be followed.
3. IYSA Rec Team formation rules must be followed including: “Consideration of ability of the player allowed only to aid in balancing strength of teams.” “All forms of recruiting, invitations, and tryouts for a specific Rec team are prohibited.”
4. Parents seeking an exception to allow their child to play up must contact USA of Indiana Commissioner Rec (for the true age group).  The request must be approved by both the USA of Indiana Board member Recreation Chairperson and USA of Indiana Soccer Director.

USA of Indiana Travel Division
Exceptions to true age policy:
1. A player may “play up” onto older aged team, when evaluated and approved by coaches involved and Soccer Director, and
a. there is no true age team formed for an otherwise eligible player and if otherwise eligible by IYSA & league rules. OR
b. the coaches and Soccer Director determine and believe it is in the best interest of player to play up.
The above steps must occur each year the player is not playing at true age.
In many cases, these requests are time sensitive.  Allowances for this chain of events must be given by player, parent and coaches to allow the above steps to take place.  March 9, 2009

USAi Continuing Coaching Education Tuition Policy
“United Soccer Alliance of Indiana believes coaching education is a cornerstone to its commitment of providing the best possible environment for area youth and key to achieving its goal of fun, fair play, and player improvement.”
USA of Indiana offers at no charge to candidate a variety of coaching education.
At present (3/04), USA of Indiana and IYSA offer:
-USA of Indiana Coaching Certification Course
-Continuing in house coaching education. Coaches are encouraged to observe training sessions during special training programs (i.e. indoor winter training, spring, u7/u8 special training, USA of Indiana Travel team practices).

-IYSA Youth Modules
It is expected USA of Indiana Travel coaches will attend coaching seminars and clinics and/or upgrade their licenses.

Tuition Policy
Coaches will continue to coach or otherwise serve the Club for a period of time after reimbursement for courses.
USA OF INDIANA will reimburse a coach attending all sessions of:
-IYSA Youth Technical Certificate (aka “F”) (free)
-NSCAA Regional
-IYSA E (free)
-NSCAA Advanced Regional
-IYSA D (free)
providing coach submits a paid receipt and a copy of the license/certificate to Director Coaching.

Additional Requirements for ADVANCED COURSES
Candidates must be pre-approved by Soccer Director and Executive Director.
I agree to take coaching course ____________ on or about___________.
The cost is ___________. USA OF INDIANA agrees to pay for the course with the following provisions:
1. Coaching candidate pays for course and USA OF INDIANA will reimburse $______ (usually 50%) upon successful completion and after submitting a copy of the license to Director Coaching.
2. After coaching two additional seasons, USA OF INDIANA will reimburse $________ (50%).
March 8, 2004


Coaches Travel Expenses
Reimbursement of any overnight tournament related fees is limited to the Team parents paying for the coach’s hotel room accommodation when staying at the same hotel as most of the team and for the same number of nights as most of the team. There established guidelines with regard to the reimbursement of the coaches’ travel expenses in the coaches’ contract and the Travel Manual. They should only be collected when incurred.

“Coach Travel Expenses” is meant to offset a portion of an out of town tournament expense. It is NOT meant to be paid to, nor collected from parents for in or out of town mileage or anything else. The coach’s stipend covers everything else. Teams are not to collect additional money for coach unless it is approved by the USA of Indiana Travel Coordinator prior to the event. The request must include the reason and amount. Premier team coaches may incur greater travel expenses that are reimbursed by the Team.
Adopted March 8, 2004

nited Soccer Alliance of Indiana Refund Policy Revised 6/20/07
United Soccer Alliance of Indiana Rec & Rec Plus Registration Tuition.
There are no refunds.  Exceptions are made for injuries before mid season (i.e. 5/1 and 10/1) and when there is no roster spot for wait listed players.  Each registration includes a $30 non-refundable deposit.  Due to time constraints, all refunds are made after the season.

USA of Indiana Travel Registration Tuition
Deposits are non refundable.  Please refer to the current season Club Tuition structure on the USA of Indiana Travel page of http://unitedsoccerallianceindiana.org/travel/pay-club-tuition as details on refunds and important dates are included on that page.

USA of Indiana Travel Injury Policy
Injury prior to August 1, full refund less deposit.
Injury between August 1- September 15, 50% of fee (less deposit)
After September 15, No refund.

Injury prior to March 1, full refund less deposit.
Injury between March 1- April 15, 50% of fee (less deposit)
After April 15, No refund.

USA of Indiana Travel Uniforms
All uniform sales are final. In the event that there is an error by supplier a replacement may be made by the supplier.

USA of Indiana Camps and USA of Indiana Travel Junior Academy programs
Please refer to the specific program registration page found on the http://unitedsoccerallianceindiana.org/ for the refund policy. Typically all registration fees are final and no refunds will be given. In the event of inclement weather often the specific days will be rescheduled.

USA of Indiana Hosted Tournaments
Please refer to the specific registration rules found on each tournament website for the refund policy.

USA of Indiana Travel Commitment Policy
As each USA of Indiana Travel player registers, he/she agrees to the Indiana Youth Soccer Association’s policy and United Soccer Alliance of Indiana USA of Indiana Travel policy as stated on the registration form: “I understand that if I am offered a spot on a team and I accept the spot (by signing a commitment form or paying a deposit), I have committed to Play USA of Indiana Travel for the August 1 – July 31 soccer year.” (January, 2008)

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