Coaching Education Tuition Policy

Continuing Coaching Education Tuition Policy

“United Soccer Alliance of Indiana believes coaching education is a cornerstone to its commitment of providing the best possible environment for area youth and key to achieving its goal of fun, fair play, and player improvement.”
USA of Indiana offers at no charge to candidate a variety of coaching education.
At present (March, 2004), USA of Indiana and IYSA offer:
-USA of Indiana Coaching Certification Course
-Continuing in house coaching education. Coaches are encouraged to observe training sessions during special training programs (i.e. indoor winter training, spring, u7/u8 special training, team practices).
-IYSA Youth Modules, USSF F, E, and D courses (no cost to coach).
It is expected USA of Indiana coaches will attend coaching seminars and clinics and/or upgrade their licenses.

Coaches will continue to coach or otherwise serve the Club for a period of time after reimbursement for courses.
USA of Indiana will reimburse a coach attending all sessions of:
-IYSA Youth Technical Certificate (aka “F”)
-NSCAA Regional
-NSCAA Advanced Regional
providing coach submits a paid receipt (if there is a cost to coach) and a copy of the license/certificate to USA of Indiana Soccer Director.  The SD must pre-approve candidate for Advanced Regional.

Additional Requirements for ADVANCED COURSES
Candidates must be pre-approved by Soccer Director.  Candidates must complete a TUITION REIMBURSEMENT AGREEMENT:
I agree to take coaching course ____________ on or about___________.
The cost is ___________.  USA of Indiana agrees to pay for the course with the following provisions:
1. Coaching candidate pays for course and USA of Indiana will reimburse $______ (usually 50%) upon successful completion and after submitting a copy of the license to Soccer Director.
2. After coaching two additional seasons, USA of Indiana will reimburse $________ (50%).
March 8, 2004


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