General Info

General Info

Parent Player Coach Manager Handbook; Board Policy and Selected Standard Operating Procedures

Emergency & Risk Management
Lightning Procedure: 20 minutes after last flash or when Center Ref approves.

Mission & Philosophy

Pagina en Espanol – TBA

Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents

Board Job Descriptions
USA of Indiana Board members are parent volunteers like you.

Board Policy and Selected Standard Operating Procedures
Where does the money go?

USA of Indiana Travel Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Is your child interested in ‘travel soccer?’

Parent Pledge & Code of Conduct

Rate Card for Marketing & Sponsorships
Your help is needed.

Player Nutrition Information

USA of Indiana Continuing Coaching Education Tuition Policy


Additional Club Information

Maps and directions to fields on location page

Pike Soccer Club By Laws

History Pike Soccer Club
Founded Fall 1979

Pike Soccer Club Copyright Notice

Pike Soccer Club Privacy Policy

Pike Soccer Club Conflict of Interest Statement

USA of Indiana Board Selected policy & standard operating procedures

USA of Indiana KidSafe Policy

USA of Indiana Annual Volunteer Award Winners and ISA Honorees
Click here for complete list of honorees

Board Members

Board members are elected to two year terms by the current Board each November at the “Annual Meeting of Voting Members” (Board members) or during the year to fill vacancies.  The terms are staggered, thus roughly half the Board members are elected each year and the others are half way through a two year term.  Officers (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) are elected to one year office terms by the newly seated Board each November at the “Annual Meeting of Board of Directors” (which immediately follows the first meeting).  The remaining Directors are assigned as Chairpersons of various Committees by the newly elected President.

USA of Indiana Board Meetings, second Monday of January, March, May, July and September.

Annual meeting of voting meetings and of board are second Monday of November.

Board meets at Directors Barn at the Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex.


Club Chairman of the Board of Directors

The tens of thousands of children and parents of Pike Youth Soccer Club, since 1979, thank the many volunteers and Board members over the years.  A great deal of gratitude and praise to Club’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Bill Walters, 2013-
Steve Moore, 2009-2013
Jim Dimos, 2006-2009
Bill Walters, 2005-2006
Thomas Geisse, 2002-2005
Mike Batic, 1997-2002 (Requiescat in pace)
Ron Morris, 1996-1997
Dan Valenti, 1994-1996
Donna Jung, 1990-1994 (Requiescat in pace)
Rick Robinson, 1986-1990
Dave Orlando, 1985-1986
Chris Carisch, 1983-1985
Mervyn Cohen,  1981-1983
Don Frye, 1979-1981, Founder Fall 1979 and 25 year volunteer 1979-2004

In Memoriam Players

David Andrés Jaramillo  1998-2014
Haris Suleman 1996-2014
Daryn Rae Barnett 1993-2011
Joseph Edward Mulholland, III  1997-2007
Sarah M. Mattice 1995-2005
Ryan S. Estes 1999-2004
Kirk F. Gillam III 1992-2003
Payton A. Leyden 1987-2001

In Memoriam Club Leaders

Mike Batic, 1954-2016 (Former President Pike Youth Soccer Club)
Donna Jung, 1961-2013 (Former President of Pike Youth Soccer Club)
Roy Polhill, 1944-2010 (Former Director of Coaching of Avon Soccer Association & Fusion Soccer Academy)

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