Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the Rec or Rec Plus programs still be community based?
What are USA of Indiana ’s Community based Recreation and Rec Plus programs?


United Soccer Alliance of Indiana (USA of Indiana) will continue to operate its broad based community recreation and recreation plus programs in Avon, Brownsburg, and Indianapolis Pike Township.
When you register for the upcoming season you will be able to select which community based program:  USA of Indiana Rec-Hendricks, USA of Indiana Rec-Pike; USA of Indiana Rec Plus-Hendricks, or USA of Indiana Rec Plus-Pike.

Beginning August, 2012, children ages 3-12 will continue to play in separate Avon, Brownsburg and Pike Township community based recreational programs with the likelihood that the u10 Rec and u12 Rec teams will have some matches with the other divisions.  USA of Indiana will provide additional training and an extensive Coaching Certification progression for each coach.  The popular USA of Indiana “Rec Academy” training program for all children ages 4-12 will be expanded to include the Avon and Brownsburg Community Recreation players and coaches.  The community Pike Youth Soccer Club recreation and rec plus programs will continue to operate as a 30 year partner of Indy Parks in several facilities including Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Eagle Creek Park, and Northwestway Park. The community recreation and rec plus programs in Avon and Brownsburg will continue to operate in the Avon Soccer Complex (as it has for 30 years) and the Brownsburg Soccer Complex.

The USA of Indiana Rec Plus program for 13 to 18 year olds will also remain community based with teams formed both in Marion County and in Hendricks County.  USA of Indiana Rec Plus is for competitive players who desire a soccer experience will limited travel in the WCSSF Rec Plus league at a reasonable tuition.


USA of Indiana Adult Leagues FAQ

The USA of Indiana Adult programs include USA of Indiana Under 25 Rec Plus division and USA of Indiana Adult Over 25 division, both play 8v8 coed.

USA of Indiana Travel Division FAQ

Where will my travel team practice?
There will be a good competitive team with a good coach that trains at your local complex.  Just as there was a good team for your child based at each club’s fields before the alliance, there will be a good team for your child, based in either Avon/Brownsburg or Pike, this coming year.
Each age group will also have a premier team that will likely train one day at the Avon Soccer Complex or Brownsburg Soccer Complex and another day at Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex or Northwestway Park.  Once each premier team’s roster is complete, the coach will request field space for where and when the team wants to train.  Based upon several criteria, including available space at each complex, the coach’s preference, and a zip code study of the families on the team, the premier team’s training sessions will be scheduled based on the best match.

Where are the USA if Indiana Soccer Complexes and how far away are they?
USA of Indiana operates primarily on the 100 fields in the Avon Soccer Complex, Brownsburg Soccer Complex, Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex (Eagle Creek Park) and Northwestway Park.  Occasionally USAi uses Eagle’s Crest (Eagle Creek Park), Kuntz Soccer Stadium, and variety of school fields, gyms, and meeting rooms.

Avon Soccer Complex
6050 E. County Road 91N
Avon, IN  46123
Brownsburg Soccer Complex
3400 N. County Road 600 E.
Brownsburg, IN  46112
Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex
5425 Reed Rd, 4/10 mile South of W. 56th
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Northwestway Park
5253 West 62nd St & Moller Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46268

It is only 4 miles from Avon Complex to Brownsburg Complex, 10 miles from Brownsburg Complex to Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, and 3 miles from MJGSC to Northwestway Park. The longest distance, between Avon Complex and Northwestway Park, is 15 miles.

(Events: Eagle’s Crest 7201 Fishback Rd. Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN 46254)

Where will our home games be played?
USA of Indiana will utilize all 4 soccer complexes for games: Avon Soccer Complex, Brownsburg Soccer Complex, Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex (Eagle Creek Park) and Northwestway Park.  Occasionally USAi will use Eagle’s Crest (Eagle Creek Park) or Kuntz Soccer Stadium.

How will Travel Tryouts be run?
Tryouts will be fair and open and will be held at the USA of Indiana Brownsburg Soccer Complex, Avon Soccer Complex, and Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Eagle Creek Park.  In order to form the most competitive teams we can with the talent selected, all players in an age group will tryout together.  Coaches will select players based on ability.  USA of Indiana will form as many teams as necessary to accommodate every skilled player.  USAi is able to create more teams competing at the highest level, with the best caliber coaches.  To get the best possible evaluation, it is important for each player to attend each tryout session.

Where may I find tryout information?
Tryout information is posted

Will I play on the same team?
Many players will continue on the same team with the same coach.  As USA of Indiana will form the strongest teams, it’s possible that you may be playing for a different team.  Each player’s performance during tryouts will determine upon which team you will be placed.  USA of Indiana will form multiple levels in every age group and sex to provide a place for every skilled player.

Will I have the same coach?
Many coaches will continue with the team and some coaches will be reassigned to maximize the benefit of their individual skill and talent.  It is entirely possible that most of a team will stay together with the same coach.  Many coaches will remain with their current age group.  There may be some changes.  Coaching assignments will soon be posted.

Do I try out for a particular team?
No.  All players try out in their true age group first, before being considered by the coaches to “play up” in an older age group.  This is true even if your player is “playing up” an age now.  This is true even for the u8′s playing u9 and the u9′s playing u10.  All players come to their true age tryouts each June.  Based upon player performance, each player is placed on the best fit competitive team.

Do some players “play up?”
Yes.  When we have players playing up, it is usually when we “blend” two age groups to form another team.  (i.e. U8 and U9 players playing U9 or U15 players and U16 players together on a single U16 team.)  Although it does happen from time to time, it is rarely the case that a player is so exceptional that it is best for the child that he/she play up.  USA of Indiana is fortunate to form so many true age teams that there is usually a premier level team for the exceptional player to still play true age.  The decision to play up is reserved for the USA of Indiana Soccer Director with input from the coaches involved and the Directors of Coaching.

Is each team going to be competitive?
Yes, each USA of Indiana travel team will be placed at the highest competitive level possible and there may be multiple premier teams playing in MRL and ISL Premier leagues in the same age group and sex.  Due to the new collective talented players available, we expect several teams playing at even higher levels than they were before the Alliance.  Each team will be placed in the proper league at the proper level of play and enter tournaments that will both be competitive and challenging.  For players that are not at the travel soccer skill level, USA of Indiana offers a terrific Rec Plus program.

How many teams will there be in each age group?
The number of teams in each age group and sex depends upon the number of players that attend tryouts.  USA of Indiana Travel is likely to form 4 or 5 teams in certain age groups.

What will my team be named?
All teams will be named USA of Indiana Year Sex, Stars or Eagles.
For example if there are four teams in the age/sex:
USAi ’99 Boys Stars Navy
USAi ’99 Boys Stars White
USAi ’99 Boys Eagles Navy
USAi ’99 Boys Eagles White

Will USA of Indiana players be allowed to Club Pass?
Yes. Coaches will be able to utilize the internal “club pass” system to freely use players from other USA of Indiana teams when needed, and developmentally appropriate, while maintaining the “Best Practices” model for the number of training sessions and matches.  Each team in the age-group will have a distinct name and will be defined in detail including expectations, league level of play, number of training sessions per week, number of matches, and number and level of tournament play.

What color jerseys will we wear?
USA of Indiana Travel is a new travel club with a new name, new logo, and new custom uniforms.  Each player will wear customized adidas brand uniforms.  USA of Indiana’s primary colors are Navy, White, and Red.   Click here to view new uniform.

Do I need to buy a new uniform?
Yes, each travel player will purchase a new uniform for the 2012-2013 soccer year. The uniform style will last 3 or 4 years, bringing the cost for uniforms to about $30 per year. Click here to view new uniform.

What is the cost to play?
Club tuition fees will be published before Tryouts. It is expected that the basic USA of Indiana Travel tuition will be similar to the Spring 2012 cost. USA of Indiana Tuition depends upon the age and level of play and may be different for each team depending upon tournament selection. The range tuition only is from about $400 per season for the younger ages to about $800 per season for high school aged players. The tuition covers coach stipend, technical directors, goal keeper training, finishing (scoring) training, player registration with US Soccer, field and equipment maintenance, skills clinics. The team manager will collect additional fees for league costs, ref fees and tournaments, including coach’s hotel expense if a tournament is out of town. Players purchase uniforms from USA of Indiana authorized retailer, which are expected to last 3 or 4 years.  The basic uniform package is about $90., warm ups are not included. USA of Indiana Travel Tuition may be paid in several payments. Club Tuition assistance is available for qualifying children who otherwise would not be able to play soccer. Each player will also have team fee based expenses including tournaments and Referee fees.

What do I need to do to get involved?
Tryouts for USA of Indiana Travel soccer are during the first week of June. Tryout schedule is posted on the Club web site 

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