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About United Soccer Alliance Indiana

USA of Indiana’s mission is youth development and we teach our children more than just the game.  

USA Indiana strives to develop fine young men and women through soccer in a positive learning environment.  USA Indiana soccer is not about winning or entertainment.  It is about LEARNING and EDUCATING.  Winning and success come as a result of preparation, training, the learning process, and how one defines true success for our children.

At USA Indiana “We Teach More Than Just the Game.” 

RESPECT for self, teammates, opponents, coaches, referees.  Hold each other accountable.  Promote teamwork.

ETHICS:  Do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons.  Hold ourselves to the highest standards.

CHARACTER:  Develop fine young men and women, one child at a time.  Develop Self-Confidence.  Strive for personal best.  Honor, commitment, and responsibility.

COMMUNITY:  Develop community through youth sport.  Embrace diversity, inclusiveness and volunteerism.

Of course we even have an acronym for T.E.A.C.H.

Teach:  Develop fine young men and women, one child at a time.

Ethics:  Do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Accountability: Hold each other accountable to strive for personal development.

Community: Develop Community Through Youth Sport (name of our Foundation).  Embrace diversity, inclusiveness, volunteerism, and citizenship.

Honor: Respect for self, teammates, opponents, coaches, referees.

USA of Indiana provides the optimum soccer experience for its member families, coaches, and for Central Indiana youth.  USA of Indiana offers a wide range of services to its members, provides full time professional management, and enhances the ability to constantly improve its member services.  USA of Indiana provides more children the opportunity to play soccer and referee, providing the opportunity for each player to attain the level of skill they desire, improve the quality of coaching available, and enhance the overall soccer experience for each of its players.  USA of Indiana, one of the largest youth soccer clubs in Indiana, is owned and powered by an all volunteer army of Soccer Moms, Soccer Dads, and other community leaders.  USA of Indiana is a member in good standing and sanctioned by Indiana Soccer Association, U.S. Youth Soccer, U.S. Soccer, U.S. Club soccer, and FIFA, the world wide governing body of football.  USA of Indiana serves 3000 players each year in Hendricks County, Marion County and surrounding communities as it operates 100 soccer fields in 6 different formats of play (size) at four soccer complexes.  USA of Indiana provides a positive youth development experience and its players wear a USA of Indiana jersey from the day they begin their soccer experience through adulthood.

United Soccer Alliance of Indiana


United Soccer Alliance of Indiana (USA of Indiana) operates its broad based community recreation and recreation plus programs in Avon, Brownsburg, and Indianapolis Pike Township. The community Pike Youth Soccer Club recreation and rec plus programs will continue to operate as a 30+ year partner of Indy Parks in several facilities including Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, Eagle Creek Park, and Northwestway Park.  The community recreation and rec plus programs in Avon and Brownsburg will continue to operate in the 2 facilities owned and operated by USA of Indiana: the 30+ year old Avon Soccer Complex and 10 year old Brownsburg Soccer Complex.

The USA of Indiana Rec Plus program for 13 to 18 year olds is also community based with teams formed both in Marion County and in Hendricks County. USA of Indiana Rec Plus teams for competitive players who desire a soccer experience with limited travel in the WCSSF Rec Plus league at a reasonable tuition.

The USA of Indiana Adult programs include Under 25 6v6 and Over 25 8v8 coed leagues.


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